Millest moose farm

We went to the Millest Moose farm in Duved. Tasia are happy carrying the moose food.

From my point of view when we fed them.

I was like a kid.

One of the mooses gave John a wierd look.

They had three little calfs to.

Looks like a cartoon.

The moose whisperer.

We could give them a kiss if we wanted. The lady who took care of the mooses showed us how.

John wasnt so comferble with it. This photos made my day.


We went to see Tannforsen. That is one of the biggest waterfalls in Sweden.

We also found the perfect cristmas tree.

And some weird looking mushrooms.

We could stay there for one night for only 40kr. So we fell a sleep by the sound of the waterfall that night.

Trekking at Totthummeln

We decides to take a trek around the little mountain Totthummeln. We had planned to go up on the Åreskutan but it was alot of mist so we didnt want to take the chance. Getting lost in a mist on top of a mountain is not my favourite thing to do on vacation.

The first part of the walk was called the troll forest and we understood why.

On the cliff with the cute name. Nalleklippan.

Looked like a huge caterpillar made out of wood.



We finally arrived to Åre. Never tought it could be so pretty in the summertime.

We didnt want to pay for a camping and a girl told us to drive up on Ullådalen. There we could put up a tent for free. It was Tasias first night in a tent ever. The only problem was that it was really cold up there. A lady at the information desk said it had only been 7 degrees when she got up. No wonder we were freezing.

The view from the van.

Just some photos from our stay up there.
John in a pipe.

On the way to Åre

We found a little spot to sleep one night along the road to Åre. But the problem was that the mosquitos was eating us alive. We had to move in the morning beacuse you couldnt even be outside. So the schoolyard close by worked for us.  

We were very dedicated to our breakfast.


One late night we went to Bolesjon by my house to take a swim.

The water was freezing.

John wasn`t convinced it was a good idea.

But he did it anyway.

We were chicken and bailed out.

A random photo of me and John.

Me and Tasia went in to the city for a coffee but ended up with a piercing insted. I did a skindiver in my neck.

Tasia did one in her lower lip.

Lörudden and Skatan

We wanted to show Tasia the ocean and the old fishing villages close to Sundsvall. Places i have´t been to even if i grew up i Sundsvall. Its pretty nice being a tourist in your own city.

Pretty colour on some kind of moss on the stone wall.

Looking out at the ocean.

Boxes where the fishermen store their fish.

If people didnt know. Almost all houses in Sweden is red and white.

Found a labyrinth they made in the medival time for good luck when they went out on the ocean. John tried to find his way in to the center but didnt suceed. He was convinced that someone had tapped with stones.

A cute little lighthouse.

Outside one of the houses it felt like the time had been standing still.

Me and Tasia went up to the one of the mountains surrounding sundsvall. Found a church from the medival time and a pole of shame that was placed outside for people who got the public punishmentback back then.

It had a pretty door.


It was fun meeting our friends again and just hanging out in a park watching the guys messing around with their skateboards.



In Sundsvall our friend Tasia from Chicago flew all the way over the atlantic to come and join us on our trip. She is standing on the road outside my moms house.

We went out for a walk to show her the area and i could play with my macro lens again.

A little mosquito.

I zoomed in on everything by the road.

A cat joined us and and wanted to cuddle.

With very fluffy tale

The railroad tracks by my moms house.

On the road up to Sundsvall

After the festival we hit the road and went up the north to visit my mom in Sundsvall. It was a long drive. Well not really but when you are in a car that dosnt goes faster then 80 km/hour it takes a while to get from point A to B.
Along the way there was a sign that there were a flea market that apparently sold vinyl records. We had to drive and look.

we went from this road...

to this...

A little sign telling us that we where on the right track. Only "2 km" left.

We thought that it was gonna be just a few records. We were in heaven, a whole room filled with vinyls.

John talking to the man who had the flea market in his barn.

Peace & Love festival

John relaxing at the festivalcamping. We choose to stay at the calm one. So worth the money.

Make love not war.


We bought a (triss) lottery ticket and didn´t find a coin so i had to take the next best thing.  A ice scraper.

John as Thomas Di Leva


Jeanette in a unflattering suntan. It looks like i have a white top under my dress.

Alice in chains

We went to see a friend (Johannes) who plays in Khoma.

Them crooked voltures. The band we had been looking forward to. The consert was really good exept for the part we ended up in a small moshpit fight.

We were in a good mood.

We met up with some friends. Anna and Johan stayed at the regular camping. It was going in to a warzone.
Exactly when i was gonna take the photo there where a fight behind their tent.

Someone who had been drinking a little too much.

The Burberry ride.

A weird light installation that made it feel like the aliens had landed.


We moved on and stayed by lake Hällsjön. It was just us and millions of mosquitoes.

Cooking dinner.

John messing around with his skateboard while the food was getting ready.

I (jeanette) recently bought a macro lens to my camera and played around with it. This is one of the first photos i took. I can tell you all that im very satisfied with it.


We left the midsummer party in Dalarna, on our way to Borlänge for the Peace & Love festival. There were still two days left before it started so we found a little road where we could park our car and sleep.

Pretty view when we woke up.

Doing the dishes.


We went to Dalarna to celebrate a traditional midsummer party. My friend Lisa and her friend Ida both turned 25 so we got a double occasion to celebrate.

We finally hit the road and started our trip.

Trivselköp? Höga tankar om sin butik må jag säga.

We stoped so John could make a crown of flower for me. A traditional thing we do in Sweden during midsummer.

The best people were there when we arrived.

Linn and her pretty hat.


Löva and Christian

Lisa the birthday girl was in a good mood.

...and John and me of course. Sandra was a bit camera shy, but she was there but not on photo.

We all went to the big midsummer pole were people had gathered to dance around it.

We just looked in the beginning on the people who danced but soon joined in.

Back at the party it was games, quizzes and the making of the crowns made of flowers.

The beer was cold and waiting for us in the bathtub.

Finally it was food. But first some speeches.

The homemade midsummer pole.

Then the real party began.

We danced all night long.


When we didnt fix with the car we were hanging out by the camping. Really beautiful evenings by the beach.

It all began with alot of work...

We went to Johns stepmothers camping (in St Anna) to stay for a while and get help from Johns dad.

There where alot to do before we could leave on our trip. The stereo had to be connected, cables had to be put in the right places and a new throttle wire and much much more.  We have to thank Johns dad for alot, without him the car wouldnt be the same.

Father and son working togheter.

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