Peace & Love festival

John relaxing at the festivalcamping. We choose to stay at the calm one. So worth the money.

Make love not war.


We bought a (triss) lottery ticket and didn´t find a coin so i had to take the next best thing.  A ice scraper.

John as Thomas Di Leva


Jeanette in a unflattering suntan. It looks like i have a white top under my dress.

Alice in chains

We went to see a friend (Johannes) who plays in Khoma.

Them crooked voltures. The band we had been looking forward to. The consert was really good exept for the part we ended up in a small moshpit fight.

We were in a good mood.

We met up with some friends. Anna and Johan stayed at the regular camping. It was going in to a warzone.
Exactly when i was gonna take the photo there where a fight behind their tent.

Someone who had been drinking a little too much.

The Burberry ride.

A weird light installation that made it feel like the aliens had landed.


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