On the road to Geiranger

Cute norwegian busstop

We took one of the many ferries you have to take to get somewhere in Norway. They are really expansive but when you get a view like this you soon forget about it.

A random house along the road.

We ran out of water one day when we were cooking dinner but found a stream with really clear green/turquoise water.

wherever you go in Norway you get an amazing view.

Then we drived a little bit further and had to stop again beacuse of the beautiful scenery.

Pär and Tasia in the backseat.

Then the bad weather started. It followed us. Found a place called Aidswater. Didn´t sound temting to take a swim there even if it was nice weather.

You have to be careful so you dont hit a cow when you are driving up in the mountains.

Johns dad lives on an island. We found a place with the same name.

Camping people scare us. Some people take it to the extreme. Why do they even leave their home if they park their caravan like this?


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