We went to Dalarna to celebrate a traditional midsummer party. My friend Lisa and her friend Ida both turned 25 so we got a double occasion to celebrate.

We finally hit the road and started our trip.

Trivselköp? Höga tankar om sin butik må jag säga.

We stoped so John could make a crown of flower for me. A traditional thing we do in Sweden during midsummer.

The best people were there when we arrived.

Linn and her pretty hat.


Löva and Christian

Lisa the birthday girl was in a good mood.

...and John and me of course. Sandra was a bit camera shy, but she was there but not on photo.

We all went to the big midsummer pole were people had gathered to dance around it.

We just looked in the beginning on the people who danced but soon joined in.

Back at the party it was games, quizzes and the making of the crowns made of flowers.

The beer was cold and waiting for us in the bathtub.

Finally it was food. But first some speeches.

The homemade midsummer pole.

Then the real party began.

We danced all night long.


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