Lörudden and Skatan

We wanted to show Tasia the ocean and the old fishing villages close to Sundsvall. Places i have´t been to even if i grew up i Sundsvall. Its pretty nice being a tourist in your own city.

Pretty colour on some kind of moss on the stone wall.

Looking out at the ocean.

Boxes where the fishermen store their fish.

If people didnt know. Almost all houses in Sweden is red and white.

Found a labyrinth they made in the medival time for good luck when they went out on the ocean. John tried to find his way in to the center but didnt suceed. He was convinced that someone had tapped with stones.

A cute little lighthouse.

Outside one of the houses it felt like the time had been standing still.

Me and Tasia went up to the one of the mountains surrounding sundsvall. Found a church from the medival time and a pole of shame that was placed outside for people who got the public punishmentback back then.

It had a pretty door.

Postat av: Carolin

Hej sötisar! Härligt att se att ni kommit igång med bloggen o vilken fin med :) underbara kort o såå skön roadtripstämning. lovelove

saknar er!

hälsningar från solborg, magen, korna o katterna :*

2010-07-12 @ 14:22:11

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