Its july and there is still snow left on the mountains.

We never stoped in Geiranger beacuse the city itself is pretty boring. We continued up an other mountain to towards Sryn. John found a miniramp and we got an excuse to take a break.

We got pretty high up when the car overheated and didnt want to go any higher. So we tried to let the engine cool itself down but evrey 3 minutes the car overheated again. We slowly took us down to a camping that was close to the road. Tried to call the emergancy number i got from our insurance company. But guess what? They had given me the wrong number, a number that didnt exist. We were lucky and they had internet there and got a hold of it anyway. But we didnt want to spend alot of money on towing before we were really sure there was nothing we could do. So we let the car cool itself down for a whole night and thought we solved the problem. But when we arrived in Geiranger it overheated again.

But a phonecall to Johns dad and some instructions later it was solved. We had got air into the cooling system. It took us a couple of hours to get it out. Then we realised that we where surrounded with mountains on all sides. The only solution was to take an expensive boat. So we did, didn´t want to take the risk that the car broke down again. Oh and during all of these it was raining and cold. Not exactly the best weather to fix a car in.

Getting some cooling air on the engine.

During our stay we got to see more of Geiranger then we wanted. But there could be worse places to be stranded on.

The boat was money well spent.
John looked like a sailor in my dads old raincoat. 

They call it the bottle waterfall. Wonder why?

An old church.

We found a place we could sleep on the other side of the fjord. I was free and had a nice backdrop. It was only the weather that was wrong.


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