I was tired of the rain as you can see.

Waterfalls along the road. This is pretty much how the highways looks in Norway. Its narrow roads and tunnels.

For all of you who call me Hest. Look i found my hometown!

This has to be the biggest camper we have seen in our life.

Det är nog det mest pryda utviket som finns. Bara lite hud på magen. Thats it. 

In Bergen we droped off Tasia who wanted to go home. We had heard that Bergen was suppost to be the rainiest city in Norway. But when we arrived the sun was shining. We went down to the harbor and looked at the old wooden houses.

A church door with bunny ears.

Postat av: pelle

så jävla fina bilder ni tar! och så jävla fina ställen ni varit på REDAN :)

2010-07-23 @ 22:13:31
Postat av: Anan


2010-07-24 @ 12:25:46
Postat av: Anna Bisther

Dear J & J!

Superfina bilder, och roliga kommentarer. Och så från Norge... kanske inte det lättaste landet att färdas i med en gosig men lite trutt VW-buss. Det är en häftig resa ni är ute på!

"Keep the wagon on the road"/The Blues Brothers

2010-07-26 @ 15:22:52

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